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Q&A With Thomas Locke: Who Are Your Favorite Fantasy Authors?

Q_A_Thomas_LockeWelcome to! I’m so excited about the development of the Thomas Locke brand, which I’ll use to promote my epic fantasy and techno-thriller stories.

For over a year now, a tremendous amount of behind-the-scenes planning has been coordinated by my publisher, Revell. They’re partnering with public relations firm Edify Media, and with Blogging Bistro, who has managed my online presence for years (Blogging Bistro developed this website).

I know you have questions about why I’m using the pseudonym, Thomas Locke (my real name is Davis Bunn), and why I’m writing fantasy and techno-thrillers for the general market, when I’ve published primarily inspirational fiction for many years.

Through a series of Q&A blog posts, I’ll answer those questions and more. If you have a burning question about the new Thomas Locke brand, please ask it in the Comments, and I’ll respond in an upcoming blog post.

Do you read a lot of fantasy? Who are some of your favorite fantasy authors/books?

Throughout my childhood, my first passion as a reader was science fiction and fantasy. These stories have remained of vital interest ever since. In the early days of trying to learn writing as a new career path, my first mentor was Arthur C Clarke.

Let’s Talk!

Do you enjoy sci-fi and/or fantasy? Who are your favorite authors? Your favorite books?