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‘Emissary’ hits #1 on CBA Bestseller List!

News Flash! I just learned that Emissary hit #1 on the CBA bestseller list (January 2016) for Fiction Books: Fantasy/Sci-fi. Wow! That is amazing, especially since the novel was released over a year ago. Emissary is currently #2 on the February CBA bestseller list, keeping company with classics such as: The Screwtape Letters, by C.S….

Suspense Magazine Names ‘Trial Run’ a “Best of 2015” Thriller/Suspense

I’ve received two spine-tingling bits of news about my new techno-thriller, Trial Run: The book is #2 on the October 2015 CBA fiction bestseller list in the fantasy/sci-fi category. Suspense Magazine named Trial Run a “Best Book of 2015” in the Thriller/Suspense category. Suspense Magazine They’ll feature mini-interviews with the “Best of 2015” authors in…