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8 Reviewers Weigh in on ‘Merchant of Alyss’

Merchant of Alyss by Thomas LockeWe’re hearing from eight reader-reviewers today, with brief excerpts from each review. Please click on each name to read their full review.

Featured today:

  1. Rachel Stark
  2. Josiah Cantrell
  3. Lydia Blow
  4. Greg Enns
  5. Sherry Arni
  6. Dave Milbrandt
  7. Crystal Acosta
  8. Jan Jonaitis

“I’m loving the Legends of the Realm fantasy series! It reminds me of Lord of the Rings with its wizards, different races, and a hidden and enchanted Elvin forest. I loved getting lost in this fantasy world…There is much to love about this book – romance, humor, adventure, epic battles, dragons, enchanted forests, good vs evil – this is must read fantasy fiction!”
Rachel Stark

“Hyam’s adventure continues to be deeply emotional, and it was a joy to read through and partake of his ups and downs. The story flows smoothly and has a great pace. I recommend this book as even better than the first one.”
Josiah Cantrell

Quote from Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke“I am an older lady, and this genre is not my usual reading. I found myself caught up in the realm of wizards, elves, Milantians, golems and dragons… I don’t like to read books with bad language, and I didn’t have to worry about that with this book.” 5 Stars
Lydia Blow

“A great plot with plenty of unexpected twists and turns. I loved it. This is fantasy at its best.”
Greg Enns

“In Merchant of Alyss, author Thomas Locke continues the page-turner classic fantasy series begun in Emissary. In this second book in the Legends of the Realm series, danger again threatens the realm, and Hyam, the hero who saved the realm earlier, is called to come to the rescue once more.”
Sherry Arni

“Locke refuses to rush the beginning of this tale, reminding us of the story of Hyam and Joelle, and introducing us to Shona, who has her own agenda that doesn’t always coincide with our hero’s. As the tension builds, Locke draws you further into the narrative, providing twists that keep you turning the page desperate to find out more. 5 Stars.”
Dave Milbrandt

Quote from Merchant of Alyss by Thomas Locke“The stakes are high as Hyam takes on a quest to save the realm and save the life of his love, Joelle. He and his comrades face relentless opposition as they make their perilous journey to the ancient, ruined city of Alyss.”
Crystal Acosta

“Thomas Locke has a way of drawing out the personalities of the characters in his stories. What I enjoy best about his writing style is that he is not afraid to reveal a little at a time regarding the plot or players.”
Jan Jonaitis

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  1. Reply Wendy Fender

    I love both books, I just finished reading Merchant of Alyss last night. These are wonderful books, Thomas Locke has brought back excitement I haven’t felt since I read the Shannara series. Is there a book 3?

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