Thomas Locke

To achieve the impossible, we must first change our perspective

In Trial Run and Flash Point, two of the characters, Trent and Lena, “hear” their future selves giving them instructions. They are the only characters who have this ability without using technology. Let me explain why.

A scene from Flash Point, Thomas Locke's techno thrillerWhen I started work on the Fault Lines techno-thriller series, one of the issues that dominated my thinking was how so much of our culture’s and nation’s perspective is dominated by the negative.

I wondered: What if our own abilities are being impacted by this negativity?

What if we were able to actually expand beyond our current abilities and horizons simply by taking a more positive perspective? 

What if we are actually limiting ourselves by dimming our view of the horizon?

These questions resonated with me on a variety of levels. So the question was, how to make this work in story form.

The result was a set of boundaries that are based upon that one unspoken ‘fact’: To achieve the impossible, we must first change our perspective.

And that is all I will say at the moment. Because Trent and Lena’s initial experiences hint at secrets that will be unveiled in books 3 and 4.




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