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Christian Fiction’s Growing Mainstream Appeal

I am so impressed with an article in Library Journal by Julia M. Reffner. In “Crossing Over,” Reffner examines the multitude of changes in the fiction market, and explains the growing mainstream appeal of what used to be called “Christian fiction.”

In the section, “Testing new waters,” Reffner writes:

Also seeking new opportunities is best-selling CF author Davis Bunn, who is set to release a completely new brand of novels, published by Revell Books, under the pseudonym Thomas Locke.

“These novels will provide the same suspense and intrigue that his readers have come to expect, but with story lines targeted to the general market,” explains Revell publicist Claudia Marsh.

His first Locke book, Emissary, is an epic fantasy (Jan. 2015), something new for Bunn, although he is an avid fan of the genre. In June arrives the second Locke title, Trial Run, a technothriller that launches the “Fault Lines” series.

Reffner mentions over 50 books in her article; I’m considering adding many of them to my must-read list!

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