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‘Cinema-Worthy Action,’ Says ‘Trial Run’ Reviewer

Trial Run by Thomas LockeToday I’m featuring excerpts from reader reviews of Trial Run. I encourage you to click on the link next to each reviewer’s name to read their full review.

“…How much is fiction and how much of this could be just around the corner – especially when politics gets into the mix?” –from Stephanie Herron’s Goodreads review

“There are two main groups involved in this book. They both want the same thing, sort of… Which team will be the first to succeed? If they die in “fake” time, will they live in “real” time?? Can they change the future?” –from Mary Arndt’s Goodreads review

“The back cover copy for the advanced reading copy of Trial Run doesn’t do justice to the book. Of course, I guess it isn’t fair to keep relying on the tried-and-true “Thrills, Chills, and On-the-Edge-of-Your-Seat Excitement!” blurb either. But Trial Run provides all that and more.

Thomas Locke has created a book that keeps the adrenalin pumped as the reader follows the characters on their journey into the known world of physics, algorithms, and quantum computing and the unknown world of ascends/transits. For those of us who do not read scientific or mathematics journals on a regular basis, the science is written at a level that any reader can understand and follow, and that is important if the reader is to become invested in the story.

Quote from Chapter 5 of TRIAL RUN by Thomas Locke

Trial Run is compelling on several fronts. Remember “Limitless”? How about “Inception”? In a time when blockbuster action movies like “Avengers: Age of Ultron” and “Jurassic World” are hits at the box office, Trial Run provides plenty of cinema-worthy action and adventure and features real world technological thinking with a what-if-it-truly-works-in-this-way scenario.

There are also quiet moments where the reader gets to know the characters and their motivations (my personal favorite characters are Trent Major and Shane Schearer). There is a satisfying conclusion but the reader is also left with a cliffhanger and more to be explored in future volumes of the three-novel series.” –Kevin Denis’s Amazon review

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