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Free eBook: Double Edge

Excitement is building for the August 4 release of Trial Run, the first book in my new techno-thriller series.

To help prepare you for what’s to come in Trial Run, you can download the prequel, Double Edge, for free!

Free ebook short: DOUBLE EDGE, the prequel to TRIAL RUN by Thomas Locke

In Double Edge, you’ll discover how — and why — Charlie Hazard first encountered the mystery woman, Gabriella Speciale.

Download Double Edge from your favorite online bookseller right now. Visit this page on my website for links to download it from several online booksellers.

Goodreads reviews of Double Edge:

From Rachael:

Though just a short story, Double Edge packs a punch. It offers a taste of the mysterious, a world of science beyond what the average citizen could ever guess. It is believable science fiction in the same way that Crichton’s Jurassic Park is believable–something close to our world that we could almost imagine is true. Perhaps someone IS developing these mysterious psychological processes, hidden behind closed doors, preparing to test on ordinary people . . . but will it be for good or evil?

Something about the flavor of the story put me in mind of the film Paycheck starring Ben Affleck – those who enjoy that sort of tale will find this story most appealing. It gives us a taste of what is to come yet gives little away, hooking the reader and leaving them hungry for answers. It sets up Locke’s novel Trial Run beautifully.

From Dave Milbrandt:

Having read Trial Run, I was pleased Locke released a prequel to the novel. While it is always nice to get more backstory on well-written characters, Double Edge stands on its own as a good, albeit short, tale.

When you are reading Trial Run, you wonder about the romantic tension between Charlie and Gabriella and Double Edge pulls back the curtain on when they met and why things evolved how they did.

Locke’s description of south Florida evokes memories of Miami Vice and Burn Notice, and his emphasis on solid character development draws the reader into the Fault Lines series well. I am looking forward to book 2 in the series.

From Nichole:

This precursor into the Fault Lines series was completely spellbinding! I can’t say much without giving spoilers, so I’ll just say that this quick-read prequel is a must in my book. I was completely riveted, and I think any other reader would be, too! This book put Thomas Locke onto a whole new plane of writing and far exceeded my expectations!

From Edward Arrington:

I haven’t read much in the techno-thriller genre but this series sounds very interesting. I enjoyed the prequel. It served its purpose – I’m ready to read more. I recommend the book.

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  1. Reply Maria Pucko

    I was mesmerized by the concept and the short story. Cannot wait to get my hands on Trial run the next book in the series. Suggest my family and friends read this.

    Posted on Goodreads 07/10/15

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