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Hollywood Happenings: Sept-Oct 2015 Edition

Hollywood Happenings - Thomas LockeI’m kicking off a new blog series called “Hollywood Happenings.” I don’t claim to know everything that goes on in Tinseltown, but I can relay information and insights that relate to my personal journey into writing for the big screen.

I recently received an email from Nicholas Burgess-Jones, producer of the Emissary film project. He read the manuscript for Merchant of Alyss (book #2 in the Legends of the Realm epic fantasy series). Here’s what he had to say:

“I am amazed at how Merchant of Alyss resonates with me. It is like the words and the characters are from a far-off dream or a place and era that I once lived. It is a very peculiar feeling but at the same time an enthralling and exciting one.

Davis, the writing is phenomenal. Visually, I see absolutely everything… our joining together in this work is not our doing… what we are embarking on will be an amazing and life-changing journey which will benefit many.

Things are beginning to move quickly and the people I have been looking for to join my team here in London are beginning to come forward. I now have an assistant, who is introducing me to some interesting like-minded people – Christians who have a lot of business/creative/film experience and good contacts. I am also meeting numerous friends and contacts and arranging meetings with key people…”

Stay tuned for scenes from our next episode!

4 Responses to “Hollywood Happenings: Sept-Oct 2015 Edition”

  1. Reply Shirley Ross Craig

    I am so excited to hear that anything you have written will become a film. I have often thought that your work is well suited for the screen because it is so “visually” descriptive. Yes, i will definitely saty tuned!

  2. Reply E.F.B.

    Hello! I know this comment is a bit late, but I just now got around to looking for your blog.

    I just wanted to say that my mom and I read Emissary and we both really liked it. The excerpt from Merchant of Alyss was so good, I’ve already pre-ordered it. When I read Emissary, it was like I could already see the story as a movie in my head, and I’m VERY happy that it really is going to be a movie. I pray God’s blessings on you and the team in London as you move forward. I look forward to seeing how everything works out!

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