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Q&A with Thomas Locke: How to Pronounce Milantian

Legends of the Realm - an epic fantasy series by Thomas LockeA reader of Merchant of Alyss writes:

I have enjoyed Merchant of Alyss. I have a question that didn’t bother me when I read Emissary but does in Merchant.

How did you pronounce Milantian in your mind when you made up the language?

I have thought through three different pronunciations:

My lan teean

Mylanshun, like Martian

My lan tan

I’ve got a couple of others but those were the first that I had come into my mind. I minored in English along with my music major so, I have this pronunciation thing in my head.

Quote from Merchant of Alyss, by Thomas LockeMy response:

This is so cool.  It takes me back to discussions I had over Tolkien and his wordings when I was growing up.

In my head, it has been the same since the first moment it showed up on the page.

Mih – LAN – ti – an

lan as in land

ti as in tea

accent on the second syllable.

Thanks so much for this reason to smile!

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  1. Reply C.M. Williams

    I really hope you don’t mind that my question has nothing to do with your current works.
    Emissary was a fun book, but I don’t nearly hold the love for it that I have for your oldest work: The Dream Voyagers / Spectrum Chronicles. I was wondering, is there any chance Dream Voyagers might be republished, maybe even via self-publishing? With sequels? It would totally make my day, heck, it would make my YEAR if you say yes!

  2. Reply Tess

    attempted to translate the post via google trltnaasor, so much is not clear. while machine translation is too poor – will need to miss plenty of fascinating facts. but anyway, thanks for the post

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