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New Feature: Behind the Mind of Thomas Locke

Behind the Mind of author, Thomas LockeI asked readers to send me your questions about writing – specifically, about writing fantasy and techno-thriller novels – and you responded.

Here is our first reader question… and my response.

Q: How do you research sci-fi, considering most stories in this genre are futuristic? How do you keep it real while inviting the reader to go on this journey?

Thomas Locke: The answer to both these questions is the same. For the reader to be willing to make the fantastic journey, it has to be anchored in a reality they recognize.

This is most especially true when it comes to the characters. They must resonate with readers and be emotionally structured in a way that makes their journey through the impossible become possible.

Research extends from this point outwards. Is it an extension of current directions in Quantum Theory? Again, there are hints in our world of things to come.

This can be applied to both fantasy and science fiction. But it all must start with that emotional bonding between character and reader. This is the point at which the gift of trust is established.

Your turn!

Ask me anything about writing, about my writing techniques, about writing fantasy and techno-thrillers. Watch for my responses in upcoming blog posts.

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  1. Reply Linda Webb

    When I read your books I’m reminded of Tolkien. Did he have any influence on your writing?

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