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Q&A with Thomas Locke: Who is the ideal reader of ‘Trial Run’?

Q&A with Thomas Locke:  What reader did you have in mind when you were writing Trial Run?Thomas Locke: I suspect there are a lot of readers out there like me, who love mainstream fiction in principle, but are dismayed by how dark it is becoming.

I love to read. I am happiest with a good book in my hands. And most of my purchases are mainstream fiction. Too often, however, I find myself skipping over bits that are just plain not necessary for a good story.

Trial Run by Thomas LockeI wrote Trial Run for readers like me. Passionate about story, yearning for the thrill of a great tale, hoping for something that uplifts as well as ignites.

Trial Run releases August 4, 2015, from Revell.

Question for my readers:

What’s your favorite techno-thriller or suspense novel?

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  1. Reply Shirley Ross Craig

    I had given up reading a lot of SF and “thrillers” because they seemed to glorify the “dark side.” (not just using the dark to emphasize the light like C.S.Lewis) I remember loving Michael Crighton’s work, esp. “Coma.” Intelligent, thought provoking. Haven’t read much since then until “Emmisary,” which I loved! I haven’t finished “Trial Run” yet…but can’t wait to see how it turns out.

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