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Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle #2 from ‘Trial Run’

Here’s this week’s interactive jigsaw puzzle, featuring a new scene from Trial Run, my techno-thriller that releases August 4.

This week’s puzzle is more challenging than last week’s. This puzzle has 60 pieces in shapes that are a bit trickier.

I’m thinking of awarding a “hare” prize to the person who puts the puzzle together the fastest, and a “tortoise” award to the person who takes the longest.

For puzzle #1, our “winners” were:

Hare Award: Mike Winskie, at 6:00

Tortoise Award: San Salsbury, at 17:32

I loved your comments on last week’s puzzle; it seems that several of you lead very stressful lives (I get that) and enjoyed taking a break to put together the puzzle.

So kick back, try to relax, and accept the challenge! Be sure to leave a comment sharing how long it takes you to complete this week’s puzzle.

Trial Run Jigsaw Puzzle 2

17 Responses to “Interactive Jigsaw Puzzle #2 from ‘Trial Run’”

  1. Reply Lisa

    Well, this one took me a bit longer at 9:51. Thanks for these– I REALLY enjoy the challenge of the moment though I am surely not in the HARE category!!

  2. Reply Edward Arrington

    It took me 11:56. I don’t think I’m even in the running.

  3. Reply Shirley Ross Craig

    Oh, good grief!! I concider myself good at online puzzles….(I do a few every day!) my brain is not functioning today! 12+minutes! I think I will go take a nap!

  4. Reply Connie Brown

    This one took me much longer. 13:14. I may be your tortoise this week. I plead the lack of sleep.

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