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Interactive, Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle of ‘Trial Run’

I thought you’d enjoy something a little different. It’s a “virtual” jigsaw puzzle! You can put it together right here on my blog, or you can click this link to play it at This 50-piece puzzle features a quote from “Double Edge,” the free ebook prequel to Trial Run (Trial Run is my techno-thriller that releases August 4, 2015, from Revell.)

Time yourself and post a comment telling me how long it took you to complete the puzzle. So far, the fastest anyone has completed it is 6 minutes. Can you beat Mike, our current leader?

Also, let me know whether you like doing the puzzle — if so, I’ll post a new one every week and will make them progressively more difficult!

Ready… set… GO!


21 Responses to “Interactive, Virtual Jigsaw Puzzle of ‘Trial Run’”

  1. Reply Margie

    It took me 8:21 to complete the puzzle….Loved it!!! I have been a huge jigsaw puzzle fan for as long as I can remember….started out doing them with my Mom when I was a little girl….


  2. Reply Lisa

    Took me 7:15— and it was a nice little break!! Thanks for posting this. I enjoyed the puzzle and am eagerly awaiting the book release.

  3. Reply Edward Arrington

    Took me 8:54. Very interesting quote! I look forward to the book.

  4. Reply Mary Kay Taylor

    I’m slow — took me about 14 minutes:( Oh well, still enjoyed it

  5. Reply Robin Bunting

    7 min and 03 seconds and I loved it. would love doing more!

  6. Reply Shirley Ross Craig

    Loved the puzzle. I do themall the timeat though i consider myself a pretty good puzzler, it took me 7:57! BTW – I read “The Captive” and am eagerly awaiting my second helping..appetite really whetted!

  7. Reply Connie Brown

    I did it in 8 minutes and 23 seconds. This was after a long and trying (with good points in there too) day. I’d like to do another when I’m fresh. I like jigsaw puzzles. They help me keep my brain active.

  8. Reply Steve Hilton

    I guess puzzles aren’t my thing . . . 12:42! But I enjoyed the puzzle, and the quote is one of my favorites!

  9. Reply Cheryl Heiertz

    7:44 for me–am an “older” lady but still do puzzles fairly often—I am not “fast” but usually get the job done!!!

  10. Reply San Salsbury

    So, okay – I get the tortoise prize of 17:32…but I enjoyed it! In my defense, I am in the middle of a dizzying job and relocation transition, and it was a nice break. It did go a lot faster when I realized I could make the window larger! Don’t feel the need to make the next one a lot more difficult, Davis!

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