Thomas Locke

Is Mankind Ready to Redefine Death?

Flash Point by Thomas LockeOver the past five years, quantum physics has gradually, reluctantly, emerged from the lab. What was until recently considered on the verge of insanity has begun to redefine reality.

These discoveries frame Flash Point, the second installment in the Fault Lines series.

One such arena is the conflict raging within human psychology and biology, bio-physics, and pharmacology. Western concepts of healthcare and drugs and human testing all face cultural fault lines.

Many conservative scientists and doctors feel their professional lives have come under threat. Others, however, believe these issues reveal a need to redefine the very concept of life sciences.

Coalescing Field Theory

A group of scientists have recently begun work on what they term, ‘Coalescing Field Theory’. They propose that human beings, at their most elemental, are a pulsating energy charge. This has created some serious heat.

Traditional pharmacology is based upon the concept that human beings are essentially a series of carbon-based chemical actions and reactions. When these chemical processes are interrupted, human life ends.

The Coalescing Field Theorists say this is totally incorrect; all that happens is the physical shell ceases to interact with the larger physical universe.

The core human entity simply changes from one state of awareness to another.

What came next was the real declaration of war. Basing their work on quantum physics, Coalescing Field Theorists suggest these pulsating energy fields, what they hypothesize are the essential human structure, are also not isolated. Instead, these theorists applied a development in quantum theory known as nonlocality.


In essence, nonlocality states that at the quantum or subatomic level, the entire universe is interconnected. Any quantum entity, such as a single electron, can influence another entity, regardless of space and time. The effects are instantaneous, and can theoretically occur over any distance.

At the quantum level, the speed of light is meaningless. In fact, it is theoretically possible for the effect to result before the event actually takes place. Coalescing Field Theorists use this concept of nonlocality as the basis to insist that all human entities are interconnected.

The Fault Lines techno-thriller series

The Fault Lines series contains the sort of visceral audience participation that drives such hits as the Harry Potter series and films like The Matrix. People return to these stories over and over because they want to claim this alternate reality for themselves. This defines a pinnacle of achievement in story, when the audience finds the concept so appealing they seek to replace their own reality with this new construct.

Flash Point: Book 2

Flash Point introduces a new series of characters, and a new definition of reality.

Lena Fennan, a corporate banker, discovers time can bend, and in the process redefines her entire professional existence. Self-interest, ambition, life in the fast lane – all become secondary to the process of discovery.

Lena is all about managing risk and making money. Then she receives an impossible communication inviting her to take a ridiculous leap. She only needs ten seconds to agree.

What follows is a series of events that take her to the brink of destruction. But she does so willingly, for every now and then she glimpses a triumph that previously she could not even have named, much less wanted for herself.

Reese Clawson emerges from fourteen months in federal prison, charged with her last remaining chance at freedom. Her task is simple in the extreme:

Whatever it takes.

Her goal is refined by the life she desperately wants to leave behind; identify everyone attached to the ground-breaking discovery known as ascents, and take them out. Starting with Charlie Hazard, the man who put her in the cage.

Flash Point releases August 2, 2016, from Revell. Click here to order your copy from your favorite online bookseller.






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  1. Reply Steve Hilton

    Thomas, received your book for review . . . thank you! To the question at hand, “Is mankind ready to redefine death?” They’ve been “redefining” life for lo, these many years. This is just the next step in their “evolution.” I hope that doesn’t seem superficial, because I did not intend it to be. It’s just the theories of life have been in direct conflict with the revealed will and wisdom of God, for so long, that they no longer even cause a ripple in the water. Which is so very sad.

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