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Jigsaw Puzzle #5 from ‘Trial Run’

It’s time for this week’s interactive jigsaw puzzle, featuring a new scene from Trial Run, my techno-thriller that released August 4.

Each week’s puzzle is progressively more challenging. This puzzle has 72 pieces, but they’re in challenging shapes.

Tortoise & Hare Awards

Last week’s winners of the Tortoise and Hare awards are:

Tortoise Award: Mike Winskie, at 16:32

Hare Award: Amanda T, at 6:04 (Amanda has won the Hare Award three weeks in a row!)

See if you can “beat” the fastest and slowest times! Be sure to record how long it took you to complete the puzzle in the comments.

Put together previous puzzles!

Week 4 – 78 pieces, quote from Trial Run
Week 3 – 72 pieces, quote from Trial Run
Week 2 – 60 pieces, quote from Trial Run
Week 1 – 50 pieces, quote from free ebook, “Double Edge”

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