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Q and A: What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness?

Q and A with Thomas Locke: What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness Q: What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness? Hopeful in the middle of stress and life’s storms?

Thomas Locke: I am going to skip the two obvious answers, my faith and my wife. These are essential to me. The crux of this question is, what else offers these positive elements in hard times, that might benefit others?

The first for me is a positive mindset. Remaining anchored during harsh times begins when I lift my gaze above the elements that seek to bring me down, and search for that kernel of divine truth, the opportunity to serve.

Instead of becoming blinded by stress or hardship, I remind myself that God is there, and that God often speaks to us in the midst of the whirlwind, offering us an opportunity to turn this into an act of service. It is hard, but when I manage this, the outcome is a tremendous sense of accomplishment and hope through Him who strengthens us all.

What about you, readers?

What keeps you grounded in the middle of life’s unpredictable stresses and storms?

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One Response to “Q and A: What keeps you sane in the middle of craziness?”

  1. Reply Pegg Thomas

    Work. Keeping busy. Accomplishing what I *can* while riding out the tides of life that may keep me from doing what I *desire.* Often times that includes doing for others. Sometimes … it’s just painting a room or the more mundane things, like laundry and dishes. 🙂

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