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Q&A With Thomas Locke: Will there be a sequel to ‘Emissary’?

What is next in the Legends of the Realm SeriesQ: Emissary is book 1 in the Legends of the Realm series. What’s coming next, and when will it be available?

Thomas Locke: I finished the first draft of book 2, The Merchant of Alyss, in October 2014. That book comes out in January 2016.

I have developed story concepts and a thematic structure for book 3, but I’ll sit on it for a few months before I start writing. Book 3 comes out in January 2017.

Q: Can you give us a “teaser” about what we can look forward to in book 2?

TL: In Emissary (book 1), I feel as if I was coming to terms with this new direction my writing is taking and answering a lot of questions about who I am as a writer of mainstream fantasy.

I believe e Merchant of Alyss is a major step forward. It’s kind of like the movement from The Hobbit to The Lord of the Rings.

A massive undertaking begins in book 2. It’s a huge story. The structure of the characters is much deeper, and the challenges they face – internally and externally – are much more pronounced. Book 2 has more of an “epic” feel to me.

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