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Readers Weigh in on ‘Emissary’

Here are excerpts from early reader reviews of Emissary, my epic fantasy novel that releases January 6, 2015.

Emissary by Thomas LockeTracie Heskett, on her blog:

5 stars – excellent

Thomas Locke gives readers the ingredients for great fiction in his new epic fantasy, Emissary: characters we care about, an inward and outward quest for the hero, and meaningful relationships between characters.

The author’s signature writing style, in which every word counts, carrying action and emotion, only adds to the story. I especially love the character development of the three main characters and would read more about these three.

There is one thread left unresolved regarding the main character, although there are hints. This reading experience left me wanting to reread the other Thomas Locke books.

Mary Siversten, via Facebook:

Thomas Locke has become one of my favorite authors with his new book EMISSARY. I took this book along with me on a recent trip and found myself wanting to stay in the hotel room and finish reading. I was captivated from the very first page!

Thomas Locke creates characters and a world with amazing detail and utterly believable without being overly wordy. If you want a great book that’s totally clean and worthy of a spot on your bookshelf, this book is for you!

Linda Pusey, commenting on my blog:

Tolkien baffled me 40 years ago as a high schooler so I stuck to inspirational fiction. But when I came onto your books, I was absorbed both with the intrigue and richness in your writing. Now, almost halfway through Emissary, I am captivated. Every word paints another stroke; the hero remains pure while taunted by evil; supporting characters are bold and noble or threatening and unimaginably frightening.

I am thrilled to read your Q&A about your reasons for entering the sci-fi market! As a grandmother of 6 and school volunteer, I will champion your efforts to restore gallantry and integrity, and you are doing it very, VERY well.

Danny Douglas, commenting on my blog:

The story is written in the way only a few authors can accomplish In this day and age. The characters are well defined and you had me from the beginning. I had trouble with the book aspect, since I only read on my Kindle, I actually ask my wife how to “use one of these” referring to the book.

I am happy to say this is the only problem I had. Fiction fantasy is a favorite of mine and I now consider Thomas Locke my favorite fantasy writer. As Hyman continues his adventure, I know that the creator of his character is guided by the creator of the universe. This makes it easy to look forward to further adventures.

Edward Arrington, via Goodreads

Thomas Locke has set out to write an epic fantasy similar in nature to “Lord of the Rings.” I don’t typically read fantasies but I am familiar with this author’s other works. I was not disappointed in the least. I found this book so well-written and riveting that I expect to be reading more fantasy fiction in the future. A real strength of this book is that it proves that an author can weave a story of such magnitude without using vulgarity in words or actions as so many authors seem to think is necessary now in order to sell books. As a grandfather, I do not want books in my home that I would be embarrassed for any of my family to pick up and read.

…There are a lot of amazing and unexpected twists throughout. Whenever I thought I was starting to figure things out, a new wrinkle would get added that took things in a different direction. The characters continued developing as the story progressed. When they think they have gone as far as they can, they find they have just a little more in reserve…I strongly recommend Emissary to anyone who enjoys fantasy in particular as well as anyone who simply loves a good story of good versus evil.

Janelle Faulk, via Facebook

5 stars

Thomas Locke hit a home run with Emissary! …The characters are well written, and Locke keeps his scenes somewhat fast paced, but not so bogged down in description that you lose interest.

If you have ever felt like you never belonged, just for a moment, and you like fantasy, I recommend this book! If you are a fan of J.R.R. Tolkien or C.S. Lewis, I recommend this book!

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  1. Reply Susan Essary

    Thomas Locke has spun a tale that transported me to another realm. The originality of a world with magic, war, wizards, elves, and royalty is impressive. Locke’s writing draws you in with just enough details and descriptions to paint a picture in your imagination as it unfolds, yet is simple and easy to follow. This allows him to continually engage you with intrigue and suspense. The story of Hyam and the countless accompanying cast are enveloped with a rich web of mystery, which makes for a thrilling ride. I am anticipating the next adventure in the series.

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