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What I do in my spare time

Readers often send me interesting questions. Thought I’d respond to one I get asked often:

Q: What do you do in your spare time? (Cuz authors have so much of that!)

Thomas Locke: My first passion is surfing, but in England we live as far from the ocean as you can get on the entire island.


My brother, who’s an Iron Man competitor, told me I had to try cycling. He kept pestering me to buy a bike, so I finally spent $35 on a bike and instantly fell in love with cycling. The small, narrow country lanes in the Cotswolds are empty of traffic and the scenery is stupendous. Thomas Locke's bicycling trip through the Cotswolds in EnglandThomas Locke's bicycling trip through the Cotswolds in EnglandOn my first cycling adventure, I rode eight miles and thought I had conquered Everest. I called my brother and whined that my legs hurt. What am I doing wrong?

He asked, “How much did you spend on your bike?”

When I told him, “Thirty-five dollars,” he suggested that I might want to go out and spend some real money. This from the tightest guy on the planet.

That was seven years ago, and now I’m doing 150 miles a week and I love it. It’s the first time that I actually dream about some other sport than surfing.

Thomas Locke's bicycling trip through the Cotswolds in EnglandSurfing

One other thing: my passion is surfing. My sister came and shot one picture of me coming out after the last surf before we left to go to England.

Thomas Locke heading to shore after surfing in FloridaDuring time in Florida, I surf and I swim. Mostly, I’m training in preparation for surfing. I find that alternating between leg work with cycling and arm and upper body work with surfing, it feels right.

What about you?

Readers, I’d love to hear about your favorite spare-time activities. Please leave a comment.

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  1. Reply Tracie Heskett

    Quilting. Planning more quilts. Reading. Thomas Locke and Davis Bunn and others. Writing. Except my day job is writing so it doesn’t always make my priority list in my spare time. Walking/running. More activities than spare time!

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