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Sweepstakes Winners Announced

Congratulations to the winners in the Trial Run sweepstakes!

Thank you for entering Thomas Locke's TRIAL RUN sweepstakes!Grand Prize

Taylor Wasson, from Washington State, won an iPad mini. Taylor is a student at the University of Washington, studying marketing, international business, and French. I’ll bet the iPad mini will come in handy!

First Prize

Karen Hadley from Oklahoma and Heidi Dru Kortman from Michigan each won a $50 gift card to their favorite tech store, and a portable battery charger for their electronic devices.

Book Giveaway Contests

During our four one-day giveaways, the following people each won a copy of Trial Run:

  1. Alexis T., Minnesota
  2. Amanda T., Alaska
  3. Benjamin L., Texas
  4. Beth W., Florida
  5. Bill M., Georgia
  6. Bonnijean M., South Carolina
  7. Breanna P., Texas
  8. Dean M., Washington State
  9. Diane E., New York
  10. Joscelyn S., Texas
  11. Julianna R., Pennsylvania
  12. Linda A., Ohio
  13. Lucinda L., Indiana
  14. Mary M., Georgia
  15. Patsy R., Virginia
  16. Sarah H., Pennsylvania
  17. Shirley C., Florida
  18. Sue D., Missouri
  19. Thomas R., Louisiana

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