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The Latest Happenings in My Writing Life

Lots is going on in my writing life! The Emissary film project is ongoing, and I’ll share details about that as things unfold.

Merchant of Alyss by Thomas LockeMerchant of Alyss, Book 2 in the Legends of the Realm series, comes out January 5, 2016. There will be at least one more book in the series, but I haven’t started writing it yet. The producers of the Emissary film project asked my publisher (Revell) if we could wait on book 3 until we have a clear sense of the timing of the film.

Earlier this week, I finished the edits to Flash Point, book 2 in my Fault Lines techno-thriller series. It’ll be out in August 2016 (Revell).

The first book in the series, Trial Run, was recently awarded a “Best Book of 2015” by Suspense Magazine.

I’m also working on another near-time sci-fi novel, Recruits, that will launch a new series with Revell in January 2017.

How about you?

If you are a writer, what projects do you have underway? If you’re not a writer, I’d love to hear about important things that are happening in your life. Please share in the Comments!

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  1. Reply Linda

    I’m not really a writer, but I bought a journaling app so I could write my reaction to things I see, people I meet, places I go or thoughts on scripture from that day. I can also add a photo. I felt this was something that might be of interest to my children one day–help them to know their mother as an adult.
    So far I’ve written nothing profound, but it’s been an outlet for expressing myself.

  2. Reply E.F.B.

    Thanks for taking the time to share with us about your writing life. I’m excitedly awaiting the release date of Merchant of Alyss, and I look forward to hearing about the Emissary film project whenever you have news.

    I’ve been writing for almost two years now. Nothing finished yet, but I have several stories in the works that I would like to get published someday, most of which are stand-alone, and all of which are fantasy. My main project is a portal fantasy. It’s slow going because I’m still learning, but I love working on it. I’m also working on a Sleeping Beauty retelling that I was hoping to enter in a contest. Unfortunately, it was also slow going and I missed the deadline for the contest (the 16th of this month). 🙁 But I like the story a lot, so I’ll keep working on it and find something else to do with it when it’s done. I think it will be novella length at most, though it could surprise me. Then I have a short story that’s related the portal fantasy, the beginnings of another novel-length story, and a whole document full of other ideas. But the portal fantasy and the retelling will be taking priority for the foreseeable future, I think.

    Writing can be challenging and even frustrating at times, but like Linda said in her comment, it’s an outlet for self-expression, and I’ve come to love it.
    -Elizabeth (Beth)

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