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‘Trial Run’ Reviews from BuddyHollywood, Tosca Lee, Manhattan Book Review

Trial Run by Thomas LockeNew reviews of Trial Run are arriving from far and wide. Here are three I received this week:

“Thomas Locke masterfully keeps the suspense level taut throughout the book. It is a rare author that can create such dramatic tension in a storyline that contains areas of technical discussion, like quantum computing, while still maintaining a character driven plot.

A fast-paced, constantly unfolding mystery with well-developed characters. Trial Run promises to begin a strong new series which manages to transcend the bounds of science fiction writing.”
—Stacy Shaw, Manhattan Book Review

“A thrilling cocktail of science, technology and danger elegantly served at breakneck speed. Intoxicating and seriously addictive as only Thomas Locke can deliver.”
Tosca Lee, NYT bestselling author

Trial Run grabs readers from the first page and keeps them hooked to the last page. Locke weaves words to create masterfully evocative descriptions, scenes and characters. The science is presented in a Crichton-esque manner, compelling readers to believe that not only can it be true for some future date, but it is probably being used in some secret laboratory right now.

Trial Run will make a great last-of-summer read. Before you start reading, stock up on munchies and extra light bulbs; once you start, you won’t want to put it down.”
—Paula K. Parker,

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    Trial Run looks good! I recommend Weepers by Nick Chairkas if you need a fantastic read! This is a book that I have loved from page 1, Chairkas is a fantastic author with quite a personal story. is his site, it’s worth a look!

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